A project dedicated to establishing the knowledge base essential to manufacture electronic yarns on a large-scale for commercial exploitation.

9th Forum on New Materials

Dr Hughes-Riley was recently in Perugia (Italy) as he was invited to speak at the 9th Forum on New Materials, which was part of CIMTEC 2022. He presented on ‘Energy harvesting and storage with electronic textiles’, with his presentation focussing on recent developments by the ATRG into the development of woven textile solar panels.

Research dissemination in the USA

Dr Hughes-Riley recently visited the Pacific Northwest in the United States of America. During the trip he visited DXARTS and Professor Afroditi Psarra at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he had the opportunity to present the work of the ATRG to the E-textiles and Wearables class. Dr Hughes-Riley also visited Adidas in Portland … Continue reading Research dissemination in the USA

For enquiries about the project please contact Dr. Theodore Hughes-Riley at theodore.hughesriley@ntu.ac.uk

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