The purpose of the ‘Novel manufacturing methods for Functional Electronic Textiles’ project, or FETT project, was to research new manufacturing an assembly method to create electronic yarns.  The knowledge generated in the FETT project has formed the basis for this new research initiative.  This sizeable project was a collaboration between the University of Southampton and Nottingham Trent University.  The project was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant number EP/M015149/1, details of the grant can be found here.

Details of this innovation and associated research are available in the following articles:

An investigation of a wash‐durable solar energy harvesting textile

Developing a Vibration-Sensing Yarn for Monitoring Hand-Transmitted Vibrations

Solar Energy-Harvesting E-Textiles to Power Wearable Devices

A novel method for embedding semiconductor dies within textile yarn to create electronic textiles

Exploring the Role of Textile Craft Practice in Interdisciplinary E-Textiles Development through the Design of an Illuminated Safety Cycling Jacket

Integrating Flexible Filament Circuits for E‐Textile Applications

Automated insertion of package dies onto wire and into a textile yarn sheath

Photodiodes embedded within electronic textiles

Engineering a costume for performance using illuminated LED-yarns